Converstation with Richard Ansett

Richard Ansnett: This work is not merely a technical exercise, i feel you are sharing an intense personal emotional state in the taking and showing of the work but you do not reveal it? Can you reveal it to me? What is it within you that seeks out and creates these images…what part of you ; that silent voice, says yes that is right?

Your statement discusses these issues but does not disclose your personal relationship to the work but you hint at it. What guilt do you feel? Is it a burden only lifted by the creation of works? What conflict is there between your memories and the present?

Are you conscious that these feelings are unique to you and your work is extra-ordinary or are you discussing an assumed shared experience? What are the two separate beings within you that you refer to as if in all of us?

With all great works, the artist finds the language to help us understand the more complex part of ourselves; a new empathy and a new gateway to our souls; it is the artist’s job of course but this new insight which is ultimately shared must come from a unique experience in you. Are you deliberately ambiguous or not ready to share it?


Piotr Zbierski: First, I don’t take those questions less or more personal, my personal issues are not the key to understand my works, rather the intention that I put in, thoughts and emotion that together with the work become public, or what is more important become the platform of communication. I believe photography is rather the state existing much more before and after the “image”- “imaginary”- “imagination”. It is somehow the natural clothes that sometimes warms you up, and sometimes makes you frozen. Like all the things make with passion. I just simply try be as open as I can, and that try feedback to me in images.

It is really impossible for me to answer your first paragraph in the way the question is expecting.

What is it within you that seeks out and creates these images…what part of you ; that silent voice, says yes that is right?

There is really nothing spectacular, no voice, or something I can simply define. Taking pictures is always the big experience for me, usually I’m very emotional taking them, forgetting about other things, it is not that my photography is about act of taking pictures, or about the moment. I was also not looking for any concrete esthetics – it is not the construction that I have planned – the esthetics was on the backstage, the main dream was that somebody can fell the my work on the identify or under conscious level not because of the style, information, conventions, but because of the message, voice that you probably mean. Somebody ones said: it is not a big deal to say “night”, the thing is create the felling of night without using that word. That what I try somehow: I make the photography that based on author and emotions but not in the autobiographical way. My photographs are based on reality, but they are not reality. In a certain sense, I’m talking about my own doubts through images of others I photograph, but that is happening on the level of the imaginary, able to touch reality, but not describing it in an autobiographical way. For me very personally some of the pictures, as for any spectator of them existing (author, emotion- communication -existing) are the links that remains me about situations (not mean the moments of my past-picture, but any other with similar atmosphere), or having the metaphoric way of touching me. The timeline of my life is not important for existence of my work. How many different biographies one person can write having good intention (just because of different moment of starting to write)? Neither I’m not believe that memories are equivalents nor I don’t believe in them us a timeline at all. That is what I mean by two separated human beings – I mean the conflict between the fantasy (not fiction) and reality.

What about guilt – I mean it in deeply existential way of passing away. It is mistake to equal my work and me – we have many similar bones but we are not each other. She is the hybrid of emotions and states, I’m the human and I need a break sometimes. My connection is expression.

Important thing is that my photography is exchanging the need of object for need of author. The pictures are not related on the reality level (time, place, society group), but on the imaginary level (states, “author”). In the same time they are not losing story, not becoming abstract, not erasing the reality, In this sense they are creating something that can be named the labyrinth with few location axis – real time, and real memory of work, and the “wind” of emotions and “wind” of imaginary that shaping them.

Photography itself has all this signs of the reality, I don’t want to double them in my work – it is one of the reason why “me” as the author ties the images I mean my “meetings” without the timeline.