White Elephants (2008-2012)

It is very simple, actually. Me and my bag of pictures are nothing more than the love I have felt, things I have been looking for, people I have met and the feeling of guilt. All those decisions that turn an individual into two separate beings, where imagination will always remain false, whereas reality is always untouchable. Actually, it is the mind, the world on three elephants. We all resort to it because we want to have memories and identify.

To create the playground from anything you have at the moment. Step, step, stop. And again.

Pictures are alive mainly because we are fading. To save your songs, there is not much time to analyze.

White Elephants is personal long going series, made from 2008 to 2012. It has been shown also in the form of slideshow as the story in three chapters. The most important was to concentrate on the single faces, gestures, pantomime of feelings and relations. The elements of representation are often degraded to shapes, soft lines and the work is merging many stylistics into one story. It is honest impact of emotions I have experience during my travels. The main point is the impression of experiences, that is necessary for me to take the pictures. Through the metaphors of portraits of the others, I photograph my private, intimate time and space. In White Elephants I’m making the questions about the changes that are visible in our reality being transform by emotions, personal issues. The series is making the doubt about becoming. Dissonance between memories and present as well as differences between real person, place and our imagination of it.

White Elephants is about the balance between inconsistent states and feelings. The original idea of the series was to explore the state dissonance between feelings by looking with a sense of disappearing and longing; that is the thing which, in my opinion, makes the images important to our culture, and life: Photography exists in the way that we know it mainly because we have to die.
Also, images are the rope that ties the fragmented past back together. I believe that memories are somewhat impossible to be imagine, but a picture can create a genuine physicality and real consciousness. On the other side, there are emotions and the unknown, and together, they change everything. It is not a simple tribute to the past, but rather a story about feelings out of time; the interior projected to the exterior.